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When you visit your hearing instrument specialist for the purposes of buying a new hearing aid, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. There are several types of devices available and many of them are incorporating exciting new features specifically suited to help you cope with your individual needs. Here are a few examples of the latest innovations in hearing aid technology

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Have you noticed that you’re steadily increasing the volume on your TV set or your car radio? Are you asking people to repeat themselves in meetings, or are you struggling to converse on the phone? It’s common for our hearing to deteriorate as we age, but there are many factors that can accelerate this process. If you’re worried about hearing

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Ensuring that your hearing aid fits correctly is the primary job of a hearing health professional. Hearing professionals need to make sure that not only are the settings correct for your particular type of hearing loss but that the device fits perfectly so that you can wear it comfortably, day after day. But what exactly happens during a hearing aid

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When you are sitting with a hearing health professional , they will be happy to walk you through all the features of the hearing aids that you are interested in. Choosing a hearing aid is not an easy task, especially when you are overwhelmed with all the choices that are possible. There is a lot to consider and it can

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