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While your brain and ears work together, your brain actually does the “hearing.” The process is pretty simple -- sound waves cause the eardrum to vibrate, which triggers tiny bones to send sounds to the inner ear. The inner ear converts the sound to electrical impulses. Your brain then translates those impulses to understandable sounds. Additionally, the brain can delineate background noise from relevant sound, allowing you to better hear incoming speech.

Listening vs. hearing

Sound is multi-directional; it comes from all around us and even in the quietest moments, there still are sounds to hear. In order for our brain to identify the location and the sounds themselves, we use our ears to determine the direction and volume of sounds to decide what we need to hear. While listening is sometimes effortless, at other times we have to concentrate to determine what to understand and process, which can be exhausting.  

Improving brain hearing

People with hearing loss face a greater challenge to listen to, follow and understand conversation in noisy situations. This makes the brain work harder to try to understand and fill in words not heard during conversation. Oticon has a solution. The Oticon Opn™ works with your brain to improve your ability to better understand speech. People using Opn hearing aids say they experience a decrease in listening effort and an increase in remembering and following the conversation because the sound is clear and natural.

BrainHearing ™ Technology

Palmetto Hearing Healthcare Center is proud to offer the Oticon Opn™ to our patients. With BrainHearing Technology, these hearing aids give you a natural, balanced and understandable sound. In a survey of 700 people wearing Opn, the company found that 96% of users reported that their hearing was much improved, 81% understood conversation better with less effort and 62% were able to keep up with the conversation. Nearly half of those wearing the Oticon Opn™ say they increased their participation in social situations. That’s because Opn hearing aids efficiently process sound to improve speech clarity and reduce the mental effort to hear.

If your hearing loss makes it difficult to hear soft speech, to differentiate certain sounds or determine the location of speech and sound, the Oticon Opn ™ may be right for you. The hearing aid specialists at Palmetto Hearing Healthcare Center are here to help. Call us at (843) 571-0744 for an appointment.  

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