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Patient Testimonials

I have had the distinct pleasure twice, of doing business with Palmetto Hearing Healthcare over the years. Tommy Baker and his staff are the most courtesy business people I have dealt with anywhere or anytime. They take time to know their patients and their needs. They provide detailed understandable instructions concerning any testing, fittings, and/or financial information that any customer might require. The products they provide do the job they are designed for and the staff always make sure, with follow-up appointments, that the customer is satisfied. My hearing troubles are gone from my daily life, now that I don't have to ask everyone to repeat themselves again and again. I can listen to television now without disturbing others and keep the volume to a reasonable level for all to enjoy. We all know how important it is to remember "The Customer is always right", but the customer must know they can count on Palmetto Hearing Healthcare Center to honor their commitment to Customer Satisfaction. It's one of the services that keep us, the buying public, coming back. I enthusiastically endorse Palmetto Hearing Healthcare Center for all your hearing needs.

Live, Laugh, & Love always follow the Golden Rule.

Ed O'connor - North Charleston

I was referred to Palmetto Hearing Healthcare Center by a friend who had raved about their courteous and professional service. I was rather skeptical about the level which he had described to me, but when I kept my appointment with Mr. Tommy Baker I found out that my friend had sold them short. Mr. Baker was very helpful and talked me through a series of tests in a manner that I could understand and which I hadn't experienced before at other facilities I had visited. My hearing aids were fitted on time and I was talked through the process in again, a very satisfying way. My follow up appointments have been very pleasant experiences and the office has been so helpful and courteous. I am indeed grateful for my friend for his recommendation to this facility.

Tom Lindsay – Goose Creek

I have been a patient of Tommy Baker's at Palmetto Hearing Healthcare for several years. His office staff has always been very accommodating, and able to schedule appointments timely and conveniently to suit my schedule. Whenever my hearing devices need adjustment, replacement, or maintenance, Mr. Baker checks my hearing aids without any additional fees. With hearing aids, I am now able now able to carry on a conversation with friends without feeling left out. Both he and his staff always remember my wife and me, and we always feel like they are genuinely happy to see us.

Dr. Frederick P. Eichel Captain, Dental Corps, USN Retired – Mount Pleasant

Professionalism. It's a long word with a lot of meaning. Professionalism is my initial and continuing impression of Palmetto Hearing Healthcare Center. Beginning with the receptionist's courteous manner in making my first appointment; to Mr. Baker's explaining thoroughly each step of the audio testing; in determining what type of hearing device I needed; in fitting and explaining what is needed in maintaining the devices in good working order, all were done with professionalism I recognize as their norm. I recommend Palmetto Hearing Healthcare Center to my friends and acquaintances. I don't give recommendations easily, only to those who warrant them.

Richard T. O'Connell – Isle of Palms

I have been wearing hearing aids for over 30 years. I have used several brands and seen quite a few Hearing Aid Specialists. I can honestly say that my experience with Palmetto Hearing Healthcare Center and Tommy Baker has been a very satisfying experience. I am well satisfied with my Nu Ear hearing aids. There is no feed back, even when using the telephone. I even financed my hearing aids through Care Credit, 12 months same as cash. This is another big plus. I am a very satisfied customer.

Richard Hesse – Summerville

I was introduced to Palmetto Hearing Healthcare Center by a friend and must give them a big "Thank You". I found Tommy Baker, personable, accommodating and well educated and informed. I bought my first pair of hearing aids from then and Tommy brought my hearing back to me. When it was time for adjustments, I returned to Palmetto Hearing Healthcare and took advantage of Tommy's excellent experience.... I now am in my second pair of hearing aids from Palmetto Hearing Healthcare and will recommend any one who wants to get their hearing back to them.

Kydie Kay - Charleston

Thank goodness my friend steered me to "Nu Ear" hearing aids and Tommy Baker.

These are the next best thing to having your own hearing back. I feel I have my life back. Thank you so much.

Narda V. Johnson - Ladson

About 5 years ago, when I decided I had to do something about my hearing loss, I found no shortage of hearing-aid specialists who wanted me as a patient. When I met Tommy Baker, I knew I needed to look no farther. Tommy's professionalism and integrity have served me well for five years. To anyone who is struggling with hearing loss, I recommend you include Tommy Baker in your search for answers.

Ralph Hicks – James Island

My experience with Palmetto Hearing Healthcare Center over the past several years as a patient has been one of respect, reasonable expectations and timely delivery of quality services. Tommy and all the staff are very pleasant, but more than that they go out of their way to make sure everything is always right.

Donald J. Cameron – Mount Pleasant

When I first was diagnosed with my hearing loss Tommy Baker was excellent in explaining the entire process of how hearing aids work as well as what to expect. He was very precise in providing me with a clear picture of the details from deciding which one would work best for my need to fitting. I highly recommend Tommy Baker and Palmetto Hearing Healthcare to anyone considering a hearing aid.

John Edwards - Charleston

Tommy Baker and his staff's quality of service are exceptional. Their responsiveness to my hearing needs and the way business is conducted are always first rate. I always recommend Palmetto Hearing Healthcare Center and Tommy Baker to others.

Mel Eargle - Charleston

My most recent experience with Tommy Baker is typical of the kind of service that I enjoyed from the beginning. The problem was one of my hearing aids was not working. I called Tommy and told him of the problemwith my hearing aid and he suggested that I come to his office as soon as I could. I arrived at Tommy's office and he saw me soon after my arrivla. Tommy quickly found and corrected the problem and my hearing aid was working as good as new. I am always greeted by the friendly courteous staff and enjoy the results of Tommy's professionalism and caring attitude and concern for me as one of his patients.

Thomas Swindler - North Charleston

I wish to thank the Palmetto Hearing Healthcare Center and Tommy for tending to my hearing needs. My wife is elated that I don't have to ask her a second time what she said. She also thanks Tommy. No problem that I have ever had has been too much trouble. It has alwyas been resolved in a prompt and timely matter. His personal concern and attention is always there. I will continue to recommend the center to my relatives, employees, and friends. Thanks so much.

Paul Szem - Kiawah

I am a 49 year old male who never had any consideration of protecting my hearing. Through years of working with load heavy construction equipment, firing weapons, and running top fuel alcohol racing engines without hearing protection have suffered the consequences. I was having trouble hearing what people were saying to me in crowds or areas where there was background noise. I was experiencing ringing in my ears constantly. I caught myself continually asking people to repeat themselves. It got so embarrassing that I couldn't hear what people were saying that I would just nod my head or make some sort of usual conversation gesture like I understood what people were saying to me because it became embarrassing to continually ask people to repeat what they said. Then it got to the point that by not understanding the entire conversation it began affecting personal and business decisions because I couldn't hear well enough to relay the information correctly. Then I went to see Tommy Baker at Palmetto Hearing Healthcare Center. With Tommy's help I can now hear the birds sing, the wind blow, and I can understand conversations. Thanks Tommy for giving me back what I didn't realize I had lost.

Sam Owens - Charleston

One visit to Palmetto Hearing Healthcare Center convinced me they were a friendly and very professional business, with no heavy sales pressure. I highly recommend Palmetto Hearing Healthcare Center for excellent reliable service.

Robert Hennessee - Charleston

For many years there was nothing that could be done for my hearing problem because my problem was nerve deafness. I was tried of not hearing what people were saying, especially when more than one person was talking at a time. I visited Palmetto Hearing Healthcare Center and talked to Mr. Tommy Baker and found out that there was help for my hearing loss. I purchased a pair of digital hearing aids that hide behind my ears. Most people never know That I have hearing aids. My first pair drove me crazy the first day: my ear canals itched! I called Mr. Baker and he furnished, (at no cost to me) a little bottle of Miracell oil that stopped the itching. Tommy Baker has gone out of his way to make sure that my hearing is at it's best.

Rev. Ollie Peine – Summerville

I met Tommy Baker in January of 2008 and purchased two hearing aids from him. About a couple of months ago I noticed a big change in my hearing. It had really diminished and it scared me. I called Tommy and he gave me another hearing test. He said it really had changed and that I should make an appointment with a Ear, Nose & throat Dr. to see what was going on. I did this and I was told that my left ear had blown and that getting a hearing aid for this ear would not work. I called Tommy and let him know what I was told. He said he wanted to try a different type of ear mold so he made an impression of my ear. He made some adjustments to the hearing aid and what a difference it made. I could hear him speak to me with that left ear. I was so glad that he wanted to try this. Tommy Baker is a very patient, has a calm manor, and determination to help his clients to be able to hear to thebest of their ability. Thank you, Tommy for making such a difference in my life.

Pam Synder - Summerville

I just wanted to take this moment to say thank you very much for the outstanding service I received when I came to you needing a hearing aid. I certainly came to the right place. I have always been treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. I received my hearing aids and I love them, they really made a difference in my life and I can hear my grandchildren talking to me now. Your excellent service was greatly appreciated. I will continue to tell people about your highly credential business.

Joy C. Huckaby – Charleston

I'm glad my brother-in-law insisted I go to the program you conducted at the Senior Citizen Center. You & your staff were so helpful and friendly. Also, you worked so hard seeing me and making adjustments until they felt right. They are so comfortable I forget I have them on.

Mary B. Frederick – Charleston

I am writing to let you know that my visits to the Palmetto Hearing Healthcare Cebter has always been pleasant. I was looking for a new place to go to get some new hearing aids because my old ones were worn out when they came to our luncheon at church. The hearing aids ar comfortable and I can hear real well. When I had a problem I called and was taken care of right away. I recommend Tommy Baker and Palmetto Hearing Healthcare Center every time I get a chance.

Shelby Green - Charleston

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