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What is ear protection ? More often than not, a hearing care provider will define it as any device or object that helps protect the ear from dangerous sounds. What’s a dangerous sound? Generally speaking, it’s anything above 85 decibels. The protectors work to reduce the noise you’re exposed to, so you hear it at a much quieter volume. As

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Most of the time, people believe that the only people who need a hearing test are older. It makes sense - most cases of hearing loss occur among the over-55 category for age. When we think of visiting a hearing care professional , we do so with the understanding that our hearing will be checked with a series of specific

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Are you experience new difficulties or changes to your hearing? Have you been told you have hearing loss and want to find the right treatment? A hearing instrument specialist can be just the partner for you, helping you understand the full scope of any hearing loss as well as guiding you through the process of finding, buying, and fitting a

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