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The term “hidden hearing loss” refers to a form of hearing impairment in which a subject presents with normal otoacoustic emissions and audiometric thresholds but complains of hearing problems such as tinnitus or difficulty understanding speech in noise. Recent human and animal studies on aging and noise-induced hearing loss suggest that hidden hearing loss may result from ototoxic damage to the

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Ringing in the ears (tinnitus) can make life miserable, but a brain implant may help, preliminary research suggests. In a phase one trial of five patients whose severe tinnitus did not respond to other treatments, deep brain stimulation (DBS) diminished the ringing in four. The fifth patient received no relief, the researchers reported. No serious side effects In DBS, electrodes

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As presbycusis happens very gradually, it cannot be easily recognized. The different signs and symptoms that are associated with ARHL are as follows: The sound of other people's talk seems mumbled. People start repeating dialogues for you to hear. Difficulty in understanding in a noisy background. Difficulty in keeping pace with group conversations. Feeling a need for applying more concentration

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New research from Oregon Health & Science University offers insight into the development of hair bundles deep within the inner ear that are critical to hearing. The bundles inside the spiral cavity of the ear convert vibrational energy into electrical signals in the brain. They do not regenerate once they are lost, either from loud noises, disease or aging. The study, published

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American Girl welcomes its newest doll, a surfer and cheerleader named Joss Kendrick, who uses a hearing aid. On Tuesday, the doll company released its latest family member, who hails from Southern California as its 2020 Girl of the Year, in partnership with 17-year-old pro surfer Caroline Marks, who will compete in the premiere U.S. Women’s Olympic surfing team, according to

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